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Hani Z. Faddah


Director of Sales for MEA - Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Mr. Faddah has many years experience in management, market research, strategic planning, operations and service. His formal education as an electrical engineer and degree from the ITT Technical Institute in Indianapolis, IN bring quality and detail to all of his consulting and endeavors to support contracted companies. He is a talented, results-producing general managing professional with a proven record of accomplishment  in the management of companies in Saudi Arabia, Middle East and America.


He excels at identifying untapped markets in Saudi Arabia, the Middle East and Africa. His expertise in develping profitable partnerships and forging global strategic alliances are warmly welcomed by SpectrSpray Global.

'My creative, innovative business insight and in-depth knowledge of improving operations while leading tactical marketing activities will enable me  to achieve your goals and project objectives in the Saudi, Middle east and African markets.'

Contact Info                                      +966 504 183 671  Available on We Chat

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