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Donna Glalarza - Functional Medical Nutritionist at SpectraSpray
Donna Galarza, Nutritional Advisor
She is a Certified Nutrition Consultant, and Senior Nutrition Advisor for SpectraSpray Global.

“After all, you can only benefit from what you absorb, whether its food or a supplement.

With SpectraSpray ORAL sprays, there is no need for digestion, which supersedes all other delivery systems. There is even better absorption than muscular injections.

As a Medical Nutritionist, I am very impressed with the sprays. I use them personally and share them with my patients who have digestive issues. The fast and effective absorption helps a lot.

You can feel the difference and they taste good too!”

Donna Galarza’s focus is Functional Medical Nutrition.

he collaborates care with her patient’s primary care physicians and often Psychiatrists and Pediatric Occupational Therapists. Her broad understanding of how nutrients and genetics play a major part in achieving optimal health put her in the forefront of personalized care.


Having spent many years in clinical nutrition practice, research, and vitamin/supplement repletion, she embraces the high level of SpectraSpray Global’s ORAL spray products.

In light of Donna’s educational journey and clinical experience, she has the ability to comprehensively and holistically address her client’s medical needs through nutrition. Her medical nutritional practice is supported by evidence-based research. She often recommends unique micronutrient testing or genetic analysis to support patient care and targeted nutrient repletion.

She believes "To realize optimal health is to harmonize all facets of functional medicine".

Her philosophy is to ascertain all areas of functional medicine, and then to create a long- term wellness plan to address specific patient needs. By helping the patient to understand the mosaic of health; that all systems function in conjunction with each other; she helps put together the pieces to find root cause solutions with the most natural remedies possible.

Donna realizes that we often have the power to change our health, once we understand it.

She believes in the empowerment of education and proper lab testing, the effectiveness of proper nutrient intake and the overall understanding of the complexity of the human spirit.

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