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Can't Swallow Pills?

About SpectraSpray.
Why Spray.
Why Spray?
Highest Absorption.
Oral spray vitamins have the highest absorption compared to any other vitamin intake! What does this mean?
Fast Results. 
Dr. Michael Lewko, Rheumatologist, Geriatrician. 

SpectraSpray oral sprays have helped my patients improve their vitamin D and B12 levels significantly. They are welcome by the many older patients who have digestive issues or already take many medications in pill form.

Mehdi Shafaat, FDN-P  Genomic Solutions

My patients have had life changing results. My practice is based on finding the root cause of chronic and lifestyle disease, which often results in supporting low Vitamin B12, D , Iron  or CoQ10 levels. I only use the active form of B12-Methylcobalamin, since most people are low due to a genetic variation (MTHFR).  Often compounded with malabsorption

John Reynolds,  PA-C/ Licensed Physician Assistant, Clinical Nutritionist

My patients with Iron, B12 and Vitamin D deficiencies have found SpectraSpray’s oral sprays easy to use and extremely helpful to bring their levels up and increase their energy, cognitive function, sleep and immune function. For a Crohn’s patient, digestive healing with the Vitamin D spray was exceptional in just a short time, since she was very low and could not tolerate pills, sublingual or gel caps which upset her stomach.


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