Cannabidiol Oil Spray for relaxation.

non-GMO, no THC,  Vegan, Dose adjustable. Very high absorption gives you fast results. Great spearmint taste. 10 mg per 8 sprays. (1.25mg per spray)


Naturally supports:

  • Deep Sleep
  • Calmness
  • Focus
  • Healthy aging
  • Mild pain

Support your 'Endo-Cannibinoid' system for relaxation and a healthy response to stress. Our pure Isolate form guarantees no THC, which is the psycho active ingredient in cannabis.

CBD Oral Spray - 30 Servings

  • SPRAY ON YOUR TONGUE and let it sit for 60-90 secs for oil to absorb.

    Can be taken anytime, no need to take with or without food, water, etc.


    For Relaxation or Focus: begin with 2 sprays, then work up to 8 for desired effect when needed.

    For Sleep: begin with 4 sprays and increase as needed.

    For Mild Pain Support: begin with 2 sprays twice a day (am/pm), and increase to 3, then 4 twice a day. NOTE: 8 sprays is 10 mg, which is a low dose, but our sprays are highly absorbable, so please do not use while driving or operating machinery until you understand how your body responds.

Why Spray Vitamins?
Highest Absorption
(Better than pills, capsules, gummies, liquids, patches + injections.)
No Binders + Fillers.
Gluten Free. Dairy Free. Sugar Free
No Water or Pills to swallow.
Take Anytime.
Non GMO.
All Vegan or Vegetarian.
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