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  • Immune Essentials - Sleep, Stress, Diet and Vitamins

    Check out our Immune Essentials Kit. In addition to the Immune Essentials Kit; choose from these Immune support kits: 1. Immune Power- Immune, D3+k2 2. Family Wellness – Immune, D3 5000, Multi 3. Travel Wellness – Immune, Sleep, B12 Energy 4. Rheumatism Support – Sleep, Immune & D3+k2 5. Stay Well – Immune, B12 Energy 6. Be Well - Immune, Essential Oil Sanitizer 7.

  • How Sleep Wildly Boosts the Immune System

    Studies show that sleep greatly enhances your immune system defenses. Sleep signals your immune cells to promote healthy sleep; thus, making you healthier. The CNS also typically influences the immune system. The CNS modulates influence of the immune response by secretion of hormones. It also secretes neurotransmitter influence over the immune system.

  • 4 Essential Immune Health Tips

    Although minerals like Zinc and additional immune supporting herbs are helpful at the start of a cold Vitamin D3 helps strengthen your immune system in many ways. Vitamin C improves the absorption of iron from plant-based foods and helps the immune system work properly

  • 6 Proven Tips to Best Boost Your Immune System

    to improving your immune system. Immune system sprays are now available for easy vitamin intake. Proper sleep naturally boosts your immunity to harmful pathogens. These diseases weaken the immune system and can lead to early death. Long-term stress causes the imbalance of immune cell functions.

  • 4 Carry-on Essentials to Keep you Healthy While Traveling.

    Energy and Sleep deprivation – time zone, hotel · Stress – business or discomforts of travel · Weakened immune Staying Well - Immune Spray Vitamins A major travel challenge is that public places are a breeding well each one is cleaned… Combat the germs you face while traveling by adding a quick spritz of our Immune Our immune spray; because used orally; creates a ‘protective barrier’ in the mouth, where we take in It comes down to protecting our immune systems to avoid dropped energy levels and constipation brought

  • Travel & Live Better with Oral Spray Vitamins

    The Daily Defense set comes with a multivitamin spray and an immune spray. About a week before you leave, start using both of these to help you build up your immune system. Their Immune Spray with zinc and lysine also creates a barrier in your mouth to help defend against Between a mask and Immune spray, you're going to avoid getting that dreaded vacation ick.

  • Are Liquid Vitamins Better for Kids?

    offer an easier-to-absorb , customizable solution to fill nutritional gaps, helping to improve growth, immunity significant impact on children's health, affecting their: ●     Growth ●     Cognitive Development ●     Immune A weakened immune system  is one of the most immediate risks, leading to increased susceptibility to Multivitamins as a spray supplement can help fill nutritional gaps, boost immunity, support overall well-being

  • Surviving College with Your New BFF, SpectraSpray Spray Vitamins

    absolutely be your new college BFF due to its sleek packaging and amazing benefits for anxiety, stress, immune Use Immune Spray every day to keep your immune system fighting.

  • Home Office Essentials

    Astragalus Root This root comes from a legume-related herb and protects the immune system. Immune Boosting Spray Staying healthy has never been more important and SpectraSpray offers an effortless way to maintain a strong immune system. Armed with Vitamins C, D and E, our Immune vitamin spray instantly provides an oral barrier to germs Using it daily will give your immune system the boost it needs to fight off invading bugs.

  • Tips for How to Get 'Back to Travel' Safely

    Keep Your Immune System Healthy You’ve heard of the saying “health is wealth”. society, you have to start thinking about how you can travel safely again and that starts with a strong immune SpectraSpray's Immune Spray can be used by the whole family, and you wont need to find water or food Because we’re about to put to rest the myth about over sanitizing and weakening your immune system: It

  • How to Relieve Stress Naturally & Help Reduce Cortisol Levels

    Getting good sleep and nutrition is vital to keeping your immune system and stress response healthy, Melatonin, a hormone that is naturally produced in your brain to support sleep and immune system function

  • What are Adaptogens and What is Ashwaganda? Ashga What??

    It can provide these benefits to the hormonal, immune and cardiovascular systems by regulating the metabolism

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