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  • Swallowing Vitamins Are a Thing of the Past.

    This is problematic being 10-30% of older people do not properly digest and absorb natural B12 from their They are more potent than the famous B12 injection, which is painfully placed directly into the muscle

  • Everyday Tips & Vitamins for Energy and Less Stress

    Acid Blockers deplete B12, which is very important to support our energy levels. B12 and B Complex - B vitamins work as a family, they need one another. + Adaptogens (VEGAN) · B12 ENERGY – 500 mcg of active B12- Methylcobalamin · D3 and D3 + k2 – 2500-5000 IU’s of D3 · Success Kit- B12 Energy + Sleep + Stress (VEGAN) · Home office essentials -Café Energy + B12 + D3 (VEGETARIAN) · Iron Power- B12 + Iron (VEGAN)

  • Break Free from Anxiety and Depression—Alternative ways to combat the symptoms

    If you follow a vegan or vegetarian diet, you could easily be deficient in B12 and/or iron, but since Vitamin B12 As a necessary nutrient to help convert food into energy, fatigue often contributes to depression and anxiety symptoms. 500mcg per day of an active form of B12 such as Methylcobalamin can support energy

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