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    • What affects your quality of SLEEP?

      When you sleep, you REBOOT. Many people, at any age, don’t sleep deeply. NREM is also referred to as deep sleep phase; where you get quality sleep and wake up refreshed! Poor sleep speeds up the aging process because sleep deprivation is a major stressor on the body. When we lack sleep, have interrupted sleep, or do not experience the proper sleep ‘cycles’ for deep sleep, these hormones crash, setting the stage for poor health and rapid aging. 5HTP is an amino acid, with the help of Vit B6, converts to Serotonin-a very important neurotransmitter for mood, sleep, appetite cotrol, etc.

    • 5 Natural Ways to Support Pain Relief

      As we know, pain, sleep and depression are typically interwoven. Many people, at any age, don’t sleep deeply. This shortage of good sleep can adversely affect your pain levels. We have two interesting studies to share: 1) THE EFFECT OF SLEEP DEPRIVATION ON PAIN ‘Chronic pain syndromes are associated with alterations in sleep continuity and sleep architecture’ as cited in a Pub Med study. 2) INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF PHARMACY & LIFE SCIENCES (Int. Additionally, sleep quality and difficulties initiating or maintaining sleep have been linked to worsening a person’s depressive symptoms over time and contributing to the onset of chronic pain.

    • 4 Essential Immune Health Tips

      Manage your stress, sleep, and give your body what it NEEDS to stay healthy. 1. Our Stress Support Spray includes many of the proven adaptogen ingredients and B vitamins to help ‘CALM’ feelings of anxiety that can keep you from being 100% productive or sleep well at night. 2. Sleep. Focus on getting your sleep and getting ‘deep, restorative’ sleep most nights. SpectraSpray’s Oral Sleep Support Spray provides pharmaceutical grade Melatonin, which is very important for effectiveness.

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