Tips for How to Get 'Back to Travel' Safely

Updated: Aug 10, 2020

by Janet Ryan, Wellness Consultant and Founder of SpectraSpray Global

Let’s face it, the world as we knew it prior to the COVID-19 pandemic will never be the same. Now we are faced with a new reality; wearing face masks while doing everyday tasks such as grocery shopping, having to practice social distancing with co-workers/friends, and practicing safe travel.

While the idea of traveling was a far-off thought in early 2020, we all know we won’t be living under a rock for the rest of our lives – and we don’t have to. We’ve gathered some great travel essential tips on what to do before you leave the house again as well as what types of vacations you and your family can start thinking about onward of summer.

Before You Leave the House Again

1. Keep Your Immune System Healthy

You’ve heard of the saying “health is wealth”. With the ever-lasting impact COVID-19 will have on society, you have to start thinking about how you can travel safely again and that starts with a strong immune system.

Prior to planning your vacation essentials, ensure your body has strong levels of vitamin D. Studies have shown a correlation between mortality rates and low levels of vitamin D; find yourself a “sunshine vitamin” if you’re not already taking one and the next time it’s sunny outside, go for a walk or take lunch on the patio.

2. Sanitize, Sanitize, & Sanitize Some More

Ready? Because we’re about to put to rest the myth about over sanitizing and weakening your immune system: It’s FALSE.

Studies have shown there is no such thing as over sanitizing, however it is recommended to use a hand sanitizer with a least 60 percent alcohol. When thinking about your travel essentials for your next vacation, remember to throw a few bottles of hand + surface sanitizer in your bag to ensure a safe and healthy travel experience.

Bonus points if you find a hand sanitizer with essential oils, Aloe or Vitamin E as traditional sanitizers can dry our hands out. We love the new moisturizing Sanitizer spray from SpectraSpray Global!

3. Changing Your Clothes/ Continuing With the “New Norms”

When it’s time to re-enter the inside world from the outside world, remember to keep practicing our “new norms”. That means taking off all articles of clothing that were outside and putting them straight into the laundry before heading into the shower. Even though this might seem tedious, it’s a simple way to ensure your health while keeping you healthy during travel.

Travel 2020 Ideas Onward of Summer

1. Boutique Hotels/ Car Travel

If you are itching to travel, look into boutique hotels for a vacation getaway. Boutique hotels offer you a safer travel option as they are not overcrowded and can only hold a limited number of guests; you want to ensure that you won’t be in an overcrowded setting where you can’t escape large gatherings of people.

Did someone say road trip!?

Another great safe travel option onward of the COVID-19 pandemic is to travel with your family by car or RV; consider renting a house for a long weekend on the beach or in the mountains and travel in the safety of your own car.

2. Catering/ Backyard Parties

Having a small “getaway” in your backyard is a great way to spice up your summer while also supporting some small businesses that got hit hard by the pandemic. It’s still important to practice social distancing and to wear a mask, however you can still enjoy a small gathering in the comfort of your backyard. If you do decide to go this route, ensure you have plenty of hand sanitizer and masks for each guest.

While COVID-19 will have ever-lasting impacts on the travel industry, in a way it will also have positive outcomes in a sense that you will be cognizant about sanitizing as well as practicing healthy habits. Remember to keep your vitamin D levels high along with the rest of these safe travel tips and you’ll realize there is nothing to fear about traveling onward this year.

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