Why Spray Vitamins?

Highest Absorption
No artificial dyes, colors, binders or fillers.
No water needed.
No pill swallowing.
Gluten Free
Sugar Free
Dairy Free
Take Anywhere, Anytime.
GMP Certified
Highest Absorption.
Oral spray vitamins have the highest absorption compared to any other vitamin intake! What does this mean?
Fast Results. 
How it works.
SpectraSpray Oral Spray Vitamins absorb via your oral mucosa.
(the inside of your cheek). The nutrients travel directly into the bloodstream bypassing the digestive system.
Check this out !
An x-ray of 3 undissolved vitamin pills. 3 days ingestion
This is not our study. But wow.
They're just convenient.
Easy to carry with you. Spray SpectraSpray Anytime. Anywhere.
No water needed. Just spray.
Just Nutrients.
None of that bad stuff. Yup...no binders, fillers, dyes or artificial flavoring. You're giving your body just what it needs and nothing it doesn't.
Did you know? Binders and Fillers 
can be found in common household vitamins like pills, capsules + gummies.
(They are harmful to your body + make up a chunk of what you pay for.)
They're made in the USA
Born in the USA! Our sprays are made on the West Coast.
Our CBD products are sourced from 100% Organic Hemp from Colorado.
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