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Our mission is to support optimal wellness. Your patients who can benefit from our oral sprays will thank you for sharing these new, state-of-the art products to support their vitamin repletion challenges.
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Delivery Method - Absorption

The most common method for taking supplements is by swallowing a tablet or capsule.  These products contain the nutrients, either bound together with certain fillers and compressed into a tablet, or enclosed in a capsule (usually made from gelatin, which, in turn is generally bovine in origin, although a few vegetarian gelatin capsules are now available).  Once swallowed, the tablets or capsules are designed to disintegrate and release their nutrients.  These nutrients are then available for absorption across the lining of the gastrointestinal tract.

Our supplements are liquids. 

We selected this form for a variety of reasons, some of which are briefly mentioned below.  We firmly believe that this delivery method is the most effective for dietary supplements.  These liquids are delivered as a spray mist directly into the mouth, which is the first step of the gastrointestinal tract.  Some of the nutrients will be absorbed rapidly across the lining of the mouth, whereas the remaining nutrients will, upon being swallowed, absorbed at other points in the gastrointestinal tract.


The key point here is that the gastrointestinal tract begins in the mouth.  The mucosal tissue in the mouth has similarities to that in the lower gastrointestinal tract and thus absorption of nutrients across the oral mucosal tissue also has similarities to the absorption of nutrients at other points in the gastrointestinal tract.

Have Patients Who Can't Swallow Pills?
Highest Absorption.
Oral spray vitamins have the highest absorption compared to any other vitamin intake! What does this mean?
Fast Results. 
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Intra oral sprays - An overview M. Milind Thosar Department of Pharmacy, Babaria Institute of Pharmacy, Varnama, Vadodara, (Gujrat) – India 


Over the last three decades, intra-oral dosage forms have been evolving as an acceptable and in some cases as the preferred, alternative to conventional tablets and capsules. Among them, Oral sprays are the fastest, most effective and comfortable way to take medicines, nutrients, minerals and vitamins.......

What is Malabsorption Syndrome? 
Conditions that can benefit from oral sprays for Nutrient Support 
  1. Dysphagia  -  trouble swallowing

  2. Stroke Victims who cannot swallow pills

  3. Digestive Issues (mal-absorption)

  4. Malabsorption

  5. Bariatric Surgery Patients - limited absorption

  6. Iron Deficiency/ B12 Deficiency

  7. Lack of digestive enzymes from acid reducers

Vitamin B12 Deficiency & Toxicity
Malabsorption Syndrome
Vegetarian Diet and B12 Deficiency

92%  Vegans had B12 deficiency

75% Vegetarians had B12 deficiency

American Journal of Clinical Nutrition

Gummy Multi Found Not So Nutritious
Patient Oral Spray Testimonials

Afraid to swallow pills | Vitamin D3 + B12 + Iron


"As someone who is afraid to swallow pills- and has a limited range of what I can eat due to food allergies and intolerances-  I was resigned to the fact that getting the nutrients I needed was going to be a daily struggle.


I am so very thankful that I happened upon SpectraSpray spray vitamins.


For most of life I’ve had very low iron levels and at one point was anemic. I am in my early thirties now. With using the iron spray every day for a over a month, my ferritin levels have increased dramatically (I have the bloodwork to prove it!), I have so much more energy, positivity and feel great, ready to conquer the world.


Due to my limited diet and being a vegetarian/ hopeful vegan, I definitely wasn’t getting the B12 I needed from my dietary intake. I also wasn’t getting the D3 needed, since my photography profession is indoors mostly and  I spend many hours editing at a computer.


Now thanks to my new B12 Energy and Vitamin D3 oral sprays, I don’t worry as much, and see my numbers improving. I love that they are so easy to fit in my pocket, taste great and work instantly. I can take them with me to jobs and simply spray, anytime.


- Sonia Schnee                 

Crohn’s Nutrient Deficiency | Vitamin D3

"I have been using the Vitamin D3 spray for about a month and it has completely changed how I feel.  Six years ago, I was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease, and although on medications, I could barely  eat due to numerous food sensitivities. I was very low in Vitamin D and my stomach could not tolerate the pain caused by regular vitamin pills. Since trying the sprays, I am back to a normal diet and fell back to my old self. I have so much more energy, realizing I needed to eat, but couldn’t.


These sprays have been a life saver for me and I would highly recommend them for anyone who suffers from an autoimmune disease and vitamin deficiency."

- Renee Waggner             

Health Professional Testimonials
Dr. Michael Lewko, Rheumatologist, Geriatrician recommends D3 + K2, Sleep and Immune sprays to his patients.
Dr. Michael Lewko, Rheumatologist, Geriatrician. 

SpectraSpray oral sprays have helped my patients improve their vitamin D and B12 levels significantly. Many patients suffering with pain have benefited significantly from the Sleep spray.

They are welcomed by the many older patients who have digestive issues or already take many medications in pill form.

Mehdi Shafaat, FDN-P  Genomic Solutions

My patients have had life changing results. My practice is based on finding the root cause of chronic and lifestyle disease, which often results in supporting low Vitamin B12, D , Iron  or CoQ10 levels. I only use the active form of B12-Methylcobalamin, since most people are low due to a genetic variation (MTHFR).  Often compounded with malabsorption

John Reynolds,  PA-C/ Licensed Physician Assistant, Clinical Nutritionist

My patients with Iron, B12 and Vitamin D deficiencies have found SpectraSpray’s oral sprays easy to use and extremely helpful to bring their levels up and increase their energy, cognitive, sleep and immune function. For a Crohn’s patient, digestive healing with the Vitamin D3 spray was exceptional in just a short time, since she was very low and could not tolerate pills, sublingual or gel caps which upset her stomach.

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