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About SpectraSpray.

Our Mission

To provide easy to use, highly effective, on-the-go health products that change lives everyday.

Our Vision

To support every lifestyle, with natural solutions helping people stay well, sleep well and live life to the fullest.

Our Products

With an advanced micro-emulsion technology, our natural high-quality oral sprays provide direct absorption without binders, fillers, artificial color, dyes or allergens.


Our Team.

Janet Ryan, Founder
Mehdi Shafaat Genetic Nutrition Expert
Donna Galarza nutritionist
Janet Ryan, Founder
Mehdi Shafaat, Nutritional Advisor
Donna Galarza, Nutritional Advisor

In an effort to help others live better, longer; Janet Ryan founded SpectraSpray Global.

 Specializing in nutritional genetics,  Mehdi understands the root causes of wellness and optimal health.

Donna is a functional, medical nutritionist who connects the role of gut and nutrient health to overall health.

Kelsey Ryan graphic designer
Michele Leppard Marketing Consultant
Kelsey Ryan, Graphic Designer
Michele Leppard,
Marketing Consultant
HANI pic_edited.jpg
Hani Faddah
Sales Director - Middle East

Kelsey is our graphic designer and social media content creator.  She is a recent Virginia Tech graduate, Cum Laude- Interior Design and Vice President of SpectraSpray.

Working in health and fitness for over 20 years, Michele understands the importance of good health and the power of vitamins

Expert experience in MEA region with well-known companies, 28 years of experience in Healthcare, strong relation with public and private sector.


Awards + Press.

Export Achievement Certificate.jpg

SpectraSpray was honored with the EXPORT ACHIEVEMENT AWARD from the
US Commercial Services. 

Congress award 2.jpg
US House of representatives from NJ recognizes Export Award.
(click to see Ukraine Press Release)



FORBES | 9.4.20 | Travel Gift Ideas For The Grounded Jet-Setter

The travel and wellness markets have been buzzing with an on-the-go innovative product: oral spray vitamins from SpectraSpray. Whether you travel for business or fun, your health should never take a back seat. TSA compliant and easy to use without water, you can now get your vitamins whenever, wherever. (LINK)


Wendy Altschuler

MENS LIFE DC | 6.5.20 | Essential travel items in the age of COVID-19

SpectraSpray offers a TSA and CDC compliant 65% alcohol sanitizer spray that is sold individually as well as part of a “Be Well” kit that includes a vitamin-rich oral immune spray designed to create a barrier from germs and viruses. (LINK)


Troy Petenbrink


WTTG-TV-DC | 6.5.20 | 5 must have items for travel in the age of COVID-19 (LINK)

The Gay Traveler | Troy Petenbrink


PUNTA CANA WELLNESS PODCAST | 7.3.20 | Vitamins On The Go (LINK)

TRAVEL GOODS ASSOCIATION NEWS | SUMMER 2020 | COVID-19 and the Travel Goods Business, Part II

New products for SpectraSpray, in response to COVID-19, include its Be Well Spray Kit, which pairs its sanitizer spray with immunity boosting oral supplements that include Vitamins C and D, zinc and lysine, formulated for rapid absorption. (LINK)


Garrett Lai



Company name: SpectraSpray Global
Product name: Hand and Surface Sanitizer
Product description: 65% Ethanol Alcohol by CDC requirements, Vitamin E and Aloe for moisturizing, Lavender and Citronella essential oils scented (LINK)


INDUSTRY BUZZ | 9.17.20 | Packaging and Press – Travel Goods Association Showcase

With increasing requests for resellers in both the travel sector and e-commerce markets, SpectraSpray™ Global designed branded packaging for its array of travel and wellness lifestyle kits. (LINK)


THE PICK-UP LINE NEWSLETTER | SUMMER 2020 | Livin’ on a (S)prayer!

Hand sanitizer: do not leave home without it. We’re loving the citronella and lavender-scented spray made by our friends at SpectraSpray. It also contains Aloe Vera and Vitamin E so your hands won’t dry out. It’s small enough to fit in your purse, leak-proof and — for one day when we’re on-the-move again — TSA approved (LINK)


TRAVEL BAGS WITH ANNITA | 8.22.20 | COVID-19 Travel Protective Gear 

SpectraSpray solves the worry of sanitizing not only our hands but surfaces too. Sanitizer Spray comes in a convenient travel size that fits comfortably in the pocket of your jacket, pants, and athletic wear and checks all the requirements of  the CDC and your personal use. Sanitizer spray is a great travel buddy and made in the U.S.A. (LINK)


COVETEUR | SUMMER 2020 | Everything You Need For A Solo Road Trip

Keeping my immunity and energy strong during a road trip is critical…. provides a natural way to stay healthy and alert on the road while you embark on your adventure. (LINK)


YOUR TANGO – TRAVEL WELLNESS KIT | SUMMER 2020 | 10 Road Trip Essentials When Traveling During The Pandemic

To help with this, Key recommends, “Whether you’re planning on doing any camping, hiking, or just sightseeing along the way, it’s better to be prepared with an emergency first aid kit just in case.” Better safe than sorry, right? Try these products: SpectraSpray Travel Spray Vitamin Kit: The travel-sized kit includes B12, sleep support, and an immune support complete with Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Zinc and Lysine. (LINK)




RED TRICYLE – CAFÉ ENERGY | 7.31.20 | 17 Ways to Stay Awake When You’re Exhausted

SpectraSpray’s Café Energy is the perfect pick-me up. The vegan oral spray supplement is designed for 93 percent absorption which is five times higher than energy drinks. Just spritz a few sprays on the inside of your cheeks for an instant boost! Coffee lovers will enjoy the natural mocha flavor that comes with 5 mg of caffeine from natural coffee bean extract, 300 mcg of B12, B6 and adaptogenic herbs. (LINK)


THE HOME BUSINESS MAGAZINE –  SUCCESS SPRAY VITAMIN KIT | 7.8.20 | Summer 2020 Home and Fitness Products for the Entrepreneur

SpectraSpray Oral Vitamin Sprays provide the nutrients you need at the time of day you need them. The Spectra Spray Success Kit contains 3 sprays: one designed to energize you, one to help you de-stress, and one to help you sleep after a long day of running a business. Vegan friendly, and all of their sprays are TSA compliant. (LINK)


Sheridan Henderson


TREND HUNTER – CAFÉ ENERGY | 7.8.20 | SpectraSpray's Cafe Energy is Designed to Reduce Stress (earned a score of 9.1 out of 10 from customer reviews)

Dubbed the 'Café Energy Spray' and launched by SpectraSpray™, the offering contains five milligrams of natural caffeine from coffee bean extract, Vitamin B12, and adaptogenic herbs. The spray supplement has a mocha flavor and is proven to significantly reduce stress due to a highly impactful formula.


The Cafe Energy Spray is completely free of gluten, dairy, and sugar. It is also non-GMO, containing no binders, fillers, or allergens. Convenient to carry and easy to use, the branded product definitely brings many benefits to the table for those who want to change their habits.(LINK)


Kalina Nedelcheva


CHAMPAGNE LIVING – WORKOUT POWER | SUMMER 2020 | Guide To Having The Best Summer Yet

Here is our guide to our BEST PRODUCTS for making the rest of the summer the best yet. Have fun and STAY SAFE! (LINK)


Zipporah Sandler




HOLLYWOOD LIFE – WORKOUT POWER | 4.26.20 | Hottest Celebrity Pics This Week Of May 25-31: Gabrielle Union & More

Ready to try 2020’s hottest new wellness products? SpectraSpray offers a quick and easy way for people to stay healthy with their Be Well Spray Kit.. They are travel sized, so throw it in your bag and go. (LINK)



SpectraSpray Home Office Essentials Kit … If you’re drinking more coffee than usual or feeling the work from home blues, conquer those challenges with the Spectra Spray Home Office Essentials Kit, featuring three oral spray vitamins to keep you energized, relaxed, and restored. We love keeping them at our desks for a quick pick-me-up during the workday (LINK)


MEDIUM – WELLNESS KITS | 8.30.20 | Spectra Spray Wellness Kits

There are many vitamins on the market today. Yet Spray Vitamins have the highest bioavailability which means you get more for your money and they can be more effective than pills, capsules, and liquids. They can be taken at any time since they do not require water or food intake. Their convenience, high absorption, and pleasant taste make them easy to use with fast results. (LINK)



SpectraSpray Global provides TSA compliant, easy-to-use oral wellness sprays and moisturizing hand and surface sanitizer sprays.  These ‘on-the-go’ spray vitamins offer wellness solutions for travel including jet lag, immune, sleep, energy and stress support.  SpectraSpray Global is a women–owned small business founded in 2016 by Janet Ryan, founder and wellness consultant.  (LINK)



THE ACCIDENTAL ENTREPRENEUR | 3.11.2020 | Janet Ryan: SpectraSpray Global - Oral Sprays

Janet Ryan is Wellness Consultant and the owner of SpectraSpray Global with comprehensive knowledge of nutrition and natural products. Her passion for anti-aging and optimal health fuels her efforts to help others live better and longer- naturally! She joins Mitch for a very interesting and thought-provoking discussion of wellness and her vitamin business.  (LINK)


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