About SpectraSpray.

Our Mission

To provide easy to use, highly effective, affordable health sprays that change lives because they absorb.

Our Vision

To support a brighter future in ‘preventive’ healthcare, striving for optimal health and graceful aging.


Our Products

Our high quality oral sprays deliver. Ready to absorb 'Nutrients Only' formulas were created to achieve optimal health for every lifestyle. They taste great. They work for you.


Our Team.

Janet Ryan, Founder
Mehdi Shafaat, Nutritional Advisor
Donna Galarza, Nutritional Advisor

In an effort to help others live better, longer; Janet Ryan founded SpectraSpray Global.

 Specializing in nutritional genetics,  Mehdi understands the root causes of wellness and optimal health.

Donna is a functional, medical nutritionist who connects the role of gut and nutrient health to overall health.

Kelsey Ryan, Graphic Designer

Kelsey is our graphic designer. She is currently an interior design student at Virginia Tech.

Working in health and fitness for over 20 years, Michele understands the importance of good health and the power of vitamins

Michele Leppard, Sales Manager



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New Jersey, United States
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