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Janet Ryan, founder of SpectraSpray Global
Janet Ryan, Founder
In an effort to help others live better, longer; Janet Ryan founded SpectraSpray Global.
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While representing other supplement lines and genetic labs, Janet met a Naturopathic doctor who introduced her to ‘Spray Vitamins’. After learning that you can only benefit from supplements if you can absorb them, sprays made total sense.

She also saw that many people had ‘vitamins’ to take, but often forgot or hated to take pills. She is excited to share the convenience, health professional grade  quality and superior absorption of SpectraSpray oral spray vitamins and supplements with the world.

Janet’s mother, Gloria, had early onset Alzheimers and passed away at only age 69 in 1997. Her journey was heartbreaking and robbed her of many rich, fruitful years never lived. At the time in the late 1990’s, there was very little research on Functional medicine and nutrition.

She was determined to not see that happen in her own life, in her sister’s or in her twins, who Gloria was never blessed to meet.

So the mission began. Reading, learning, meeting doctors, pharmacists, psychiatrists, nutritionists, neurologists, rheumatologists and life coaches to understand more about genetics, the aging process, and what we can actually do about it.

She has been following all the research and nutritional support for  more than 20 years, and understands the role proper diet, targeted supplementation and environmental factors (epigenetics) can play in brain health. Without proper levels of Vitamin D, healthy fats, proper detoxification, absorption of B vitamins, antioxidants, fulfillment, reduced stress and good sleep, the body cannot stay healthy and begins to slowly ‘die’.


In 2009, Janet Ryan was searching for natural solutions for her son Dan, who was struggling with ADHD, anxiety and in-attention. After consulting with medical nutritionists, Functional physicians and Naturopathic Doctors, she learned that many children were deficient in various nutrients that affected their focus and brain activity.

Janet wanted to avoid using medications for her son. After learning how gut health, dietary intake and supplementation supported brain function, she started Dan on a few supplements and within a month, noticed a marked difference.

After much research, educational certifications and genetic training, she passionately shared her life-changing knowledge with physicians and nutrition experts. She created the NJ Women’s Health Summit to share their knowledge with others, donating her time and expense.

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