Q: Why use Spray Vitamins rather than pills, capsules, gummies and liquid vitamins?
A: Superior oral absorption; no binders, fillers or artificial ingredients; convenience and taste. Click to learn more about why you should spray your vitamins.


Q: How are SpectraSpray Spray Vitamin products absorbed so quickly?
A: The nutrients are already dissolved (micronized) and ready to absorb into your system through
your buccal membrane (lines the inside of your mouth). Once across this membrane, the nutrients
enter the blood vessels and systemic circulation to deliver it throughout the body.


Q: How do I take SpectraSpray Spray Vitamin products?
A: Simply spray each inside both sides of your mouth with 2 sprays (each side) twice a day
or 4 sprays (each side) once a day anytime! Total sprays should be 8 per day.

CBD spray can be sprayed directly on the tongue, wait 90 seconds for absorption, then swallow remaining liquid. Start with 2 sprays twice a day, then work up to 4 sprays twice a day, preferably taking the second dose prior to bed to support a deep, restorative sleep.


Q: Do I need to use my SpectraSpray Spray Vitamins with food?
A: This is not necessary since the nutrients are already in absorbable form, unlike pill form. They do not require food to absorb.


Q: How do the SpectraSpray Spray Vitamins taste?
A: They taste great because they have natural flavors as well as Xylitol, a diabetic safe and
proven cavity protection sugar substitute.


Q: Are SpectraSpray Spray Vitamins gluten and dairy free?
A: Yes and in addition, there is no sugar, starch, wheat, soy, eggs, salt or dairy.


Q: What are the chances of having an allergic reaction?
A: Since there are no fillers or artificial ingredients, the chance of an allergic or nauseous
reaction is nearly zero.


Q: How do I store the container?
 The containers protect the liquid from light and air. Do not expose the sprays to extreme cold
by leaving them in your car for prolonged periods of time during below freezing or extreme heat.


Q: Are SpectraSpray products made in the USA?
A: Yes, we are proud to say they are made and packaged in the USA!


Q: Have SpectraSpray products been manufactured in an approved facility?
A: SpectraSpray products are mafucatured accordign to the FDA’s regulatory requirement for supplements called Good Manufacturing Process (GMP).

Q: What is your Return Policy?

A: All products have a 14 day money back guarantee. We understand that spray vitamins may be a new concept for you, and want you to be satisfied with your purchase. If not, please return product to us, for a 50% refund.

PLEASE NOTE: No supplement claims are approved by the FDA, but the manufacturing process is regulated.


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