SpectraSpray SLEEP SUPPORT is an easy to use ORAL supplement spray with superior 93% absorption. It provides natural support for helping your mind and body relax into a healthy deep sleep, with no hangover feeling the next day


Unique combination of amino acids (melatonin, 5 HTP, L-Theanine) and herbs with proven ‘relaxation’ qualities.  30 servings


Benefits of SpectraSpray SLEEP SUPPORT:

* Promotes relaxation
* Supports deep sleep
* Supports healthy aging
* Helps reduce stress caused by lack of sleep
* Helps stabilize mood during day

Sleep Support Spray Supplement

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  • Common Symptoms of Lack of Sleep:

    * Daily fatigue
    * Low tolerance for stress
    * Poor concentration
    * Weak Immune System
    * Poor metabolic function and balanced hormone activity
    * Impaired driving


    Melatonin i is known to help promote restful sleep as well as counteract the effects of jet lag. May also act as an anti-oxidant. 


    1 mg is a natural amount which imitates the pineal gland secretion when it is functioning properly. With superior absorption, only lower doses are required for effectiveness.


    Recommended products for additional Sleep support: B12ACTIVE and D3ACTIVE

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