Iron Power Oral Spray Vitamin Kit with Iron and B12 Energy to support iron levels naturally

SpectraSpray™  Iron Power Kit is a vegan oral spray supplement kit that supports healthy iron levels. Combined with B12 to help transport the iron into your cells. Start seizing the day and say goodbye to fatigue. We use the highest food grade Ferrazone®brand iron; so your body can use it easily. Superior absorption for great results.  Take it anytime, anywhere with no need for food or water. Be sure to get your Iron blood levels checked by your health professional regularly. 


  • Ferrazone®brand iron; the highest food-grade iron ingredient
  • Helps fight daily fatigue
  • Support healthy iron levels
  • Supports healthy circulation
  • Non constipating
  • Non teeth staining
  • Non-metallic orange flavor


Diabetic and Bariatric patient friendly. TSA compliant. Sugar free, gluten free, dairy free. No binders, fillers or allergens. Non-GMO. Manufactured in USA.  30 servings | 240 sprays | 8 sprays each.



    Iron Power Spray Vitamin Kit

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      • 92% Vegans had B12 deficiency
      • 75% Vegetarians had B12 deficiency
        as per American Journal of Clinical Nutrition


      Low B12= high homocysteine=can lead to heart disease or stroke.


      Populations at risk:

      • pregnant women
      • nursing mothers
      • children of vegetarian mother
      • macrobiotic diets
      • elderly vegetarians
      • heart disease patients


      40% of 3,000 adults under age 50 had blood levels of vitamin B12 low enough to cause problems.


      Iron Deficiency symptoms:

      • fatigue
      • weakness
      • pale skin
      • shortness of breath
      • dizziness
      • headaches
      • brittle nails
      • fast heartbeat
      • strange cravings for ice or dirt, called pica
      • cold hands and feet
      • tingling or a crawling-feeling in the legs
    Why Spray Vitamins?
    Highest Absorption
    (Better than pills, capsules, gummies, liquids, patches + injections.)
    No Binders + Fillers.
    Gluten Free. Dairy Free. Sugar Free
    No Water or Pills to swallow.
    Take Anytime.
    Non GMO.
    All Vegan or Vegetarian.
    Why Spray Vitamins?
    Asset 52transparent.png
    Highest Absorption
    (3x better than pills + capsules)
    Asset 45transparent.png
    Non GMO
    Asset 46transparent.png
    No water needed.
    No pill swallowing.
    Take Anywhere, Anytime.
    Asset 50transparent.png

    No artificial dyes, colors, binders or fillers.

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    Gluten, Sugar + Dairy Free.
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    GMP Certified
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