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6 Proven Tips to Best Boost Your Immune System

Provided by Janet Ryan, Wellness consultant and founder- SpectraSpray Global

Living a healthy lifestyle is undoubtedly the best way to support your immune system.

It’s really no secret but what is a secret is how easy it is to achieve. Simple switches in your daily world can offer you maximum health benefits.

Did you know over 500,000 Americans have immune system disorders? This is an alarming rate. Unknowingly, many people contribute to their own immune system deficiencies.

Here are 6 top proven ways to improve your immune system:

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is absolutely essential to improving your immune system. As the coronavirus pandemic sweeps through the nation, people are leaning towards vitamin D. Vitamin D is one of only two vitamins the body creates itself. Most people understand that you ‘make’ Vitamin D from the sun, yet a large percent of the population remain deficient; especially those who have darker skin color.

Here’s how vitamin D boosts your immune system:

· Reduces inflammation

· Improves musculoskeletal health

· Supports strong bones

· Maintains healthy calcium/phosphorous levels in blood

· Activates T cells (which destroy foreign pathogens/cancer cells)

Most health professionals will advise that your Vitamin D levels are about 30, with traditional levels ranging from 30-100 . However, experts like Dr. Hollick recommend you should actually be around the 50-70 mark. If you’re deficient, 5000IU of vitamin D should be consumed daily to address the needs of your body as it utilizes Vitamin D for many functions, including immune health. Please get your blood levels checked regularly and don’t be hesitant to let your health care professional know that you are pro-active and would like to see your levels in an optimal range rather than a ‘normal’ range.

Vitamin C

This vitamin is one of the best immune system boosters available. Daily intake of vitamin C is essential to overall health because the body does not generate it nor naturally store it.

People with vitamin C deficiencies are more prone to getting sick and have weaker immune systems. Foods such as spinach, oranges, kale, broccoli and more are rich in vitamin C. Immune system sprays are now available for easy vitamin intake. Minerals such as zinc and the amino acid Lysine combine with Vitamin C, D and E to make this formula unique and effective.

Catch Those Zzz’s

A scientific study showed that in the 164 surveyed adults, people who slept less than 6 hours each night were more likely to become ill. This shows the positive correlation between the immune system and sleep.

Proper sleep naturally boosts your immunity to harmful pathogens. Creating a sleep schedule routine allows your circadian rhythms to stay in tune and allow for a rejuvenating, healthy night’s sleep. Catching those extra zzz’s also prevents early aging!

Need a little help falling asleep and staying asleep lately? Try proven sleep sprays with Melatonin, L-Theanine, 5 HTP, Valerian Roo, Cramp bark and other herbs which naturally promote relaxation, a deeper restorative sleep and a refreshed feeling the following day!

L-Theanine and 5 HTP help support Serotonin production which is very important for a sense of well-being and the reduction of anxiety symptoms.

Consume Whole Plant Foods

Food and the immune system are closely correlated. Whole plant foods act as natural medicine by protecting your body against harmful pathogens. A hearty gut microbiome aids the immune system to fight off free radicals in the digestive tract.

Examples of whole foods:

· Seeds

· Nuts

· Fruits

· Leafy vegetables

· Legumes

The natural antioxidants found in these robust foods help decrease inflammation in the body and strengthen the immune system response. High levels of inflammation can lead to chronic illness such as cancer, heart and Alzheimer’s disease.

A prominent New Jersey rheumatologist, Dr. Lewko, states, “I always teach my patients, most who suffer with inflammation from arthritis, osteoporosis or auto-immune diseases, the importance of good sleep. It helps strengthen the immune system, helps reduce pain & inflammation and restores important physical and mental bodily functions needed to heal.”

Reduce Sugar Intake

Sugar is damaging to your health. Reducing sugar intake promotes healthy weight loss and diminishes overall inflammation. Sugar contributes to obesity. Obesity contributes to a damaged immune system.

Obesity causes type 2 diabetes and heart disease. These diseases weaken the immune system and can lead to early death. Nutritionists recommend less than 25 grams per sugar per day. Reducing sugar improves quality of life and overall health.

De-stress to Detox

Detoxing your immune system from stressors diminishes inflammation in the body. Long-term stress causes the imbalance of immune cell functions. This can be devastating to your health.

Helpful stress-managing activities include exercise, journaling, yoga and meditation.

If you need assistance, contacting a reputable therapist can improve your immune system and reduce stress.

For more information on how to implement these 6 healthy tips to boost your immune system, consider seeking out personalized nutritional advice from a qualified nutrition professional, coach or reputable online source to support a healthy, optimal lifestyle.

Feel free to contact us a for a referral to a

competent nutrition professional.


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