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On-The-Go Health & Wellness with Spray Vitamins

Updated: Oct 6, 2019

The health boom is reaching its greatest heights the last several years.

Longevity, vitality, health and wellness and stress relief are all the leading components within the health craze. But how can you conveniently take your health and wellness solutions with you?

What we have to offer has never been seen before.....

Convenient, on-the-go health and wellness in the form of a vitamin spray! A few spritzes, and the health benefits begin. by the way, they taste great and freshen your breathe.

Our spray vitamins absorb fast. Studies show an absorption rate of 90%; 4-5 times higher than any other form of vitamins on the market today. Our sprays are all natural, non-GMO, Vegetarian/Vegan, gluten, dairy and sugar free with no fillers, binders or allergens.

Whether you or your clients need to find the ultimate relaxation, support a restorative & healthy sleep, relieve stress in seconds or improve their vitamin B12 uptake, our spray vitamins are created to nourish and support.

You won’t forget to ‘Take Your Vitamins’

You’ll never forget your vitamins on the kitchen counter again.

The old age adage of “don’t forget your vitamins” has taken on a whole new meaning. Our vitamins are formulated in spray form and packaged for easy accessibility and consumption. Many people struggle with swallowing large pills, and our sprays provide the relief many seek.

No need to grab a glass of water or eat food to spray. Take them ANYTIME, ANYWHERE.

You're spraying 'JUST NUTRIENTS' that have been already broken down for your body to absorb within seconds, bypassing digestion going directly into the bloodstream via your oral cells (inside cheek). Pills and capsules take time to break down and can only give you 10-15% absorption, where our sprays have an absorption rate of 90%, almost twice as high as sub-lingual (55%).

Int. J. of Pharm. & Life Sci. (IJPLS), Vol. 2, Issue 11: Nov.: 2011, 1235-1246 1244

Convenient for a Healthy Lifestyle & Travel

Convenience is key. It's precisely the reason we designed our sprays for the busy individual. Our spray vitamins are airline and TSA compliant, travel-sized and easy to carry in any bag or pocket.

Travel Kit | SpectraSpray Oral Spray Vitamins.

Stay well, sleep well and stay energized while you travel. You deserve the best on your next vacation.

Our health and wellness sprays are often used as promotional items in spas and retreat centers to maximize the wellness experience for your clients; supporting stress reduction, a restorative sleep and optimal energy throughout the day. Our spray vitamins are also available in a travel kit for the on-the-go health and wellness lifestyle.

Grab, spray, and go. It’s that easy.

Health and Wellness Benefits for You & Your Clients

Our line of lifestyle wellness sprays support:

· Vitality

· Positive aging & Longevity

· Stress reduction

· Insomnia relief

· Immune support

· Bone health

· Cardiovascular health

· Mental health

The benefits of our spray vitamins are endless.

Great for Spa, Salon and Wellness Centers

If you're a spa, or salon owner, your clients will be able to walk away from their health and wellness sessions with a souvenir to cherish. It will benefit their mood and productivity throughout the day. No matter the destination, they can have their magic bottle in pocket to stay healthy as they embark upon the world.

Woman-owned and operated, SpectraSpray Global provides wellness support in a busy, bustling world.

Spray your way to a better day, with SpectraSpray!


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