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Swallowing Vitamins Are a Thing of the Past.

Tablets, Capsules, Gummies – Which form of vitamin is best?

Vitamin supplements are offered in many different forms, but not all vitamins are created equal. People stand by their favorite vitamin supplements …but are they really that effective?

Research is revealing significant information regarding consumers not getting what they are paying for. So, which vitamin form is best?

Tablets, Capsules, and Gummies, Oh My!

Vitamin supplements have been around for decades, with IV vitamins reigning supreme. The remaining available supplements come with their fair share of problems: The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics reveal 80% of Americans have difficulty swallowing. Also, the body only absorbs 10-15% of the nutrients from tablets, capsules and gummies.

Vitamins must be quickly absorbed by the body by disintegrating as fast as possible. The majority of supplements do not disintegrate fast enough to be fully absorbed into the body. Gummies are high in sugar and packed with fillers, preservatives and dyes.

These additives contribute to deficiencies in many minerals, such as magnesium and zinc. Plus, the sugar can block the absorption of Vitamin C, amongst others. Oh, the irony.

False Advertising and Absorption

A balanced diet is important for optimal health and nutrient intake; however, many people cannot eat certain foods nor prefer their taste. People entrust vitamin supplements to replenish the nutrients lost and trust what is listed on the bottle.

Vitamins in general are not regulated by the FDA. National Geographic found a study claiming 40.5% more vitamin D was detected in multivitamins than what’s advertised on the label. Some vitamins also have lesser nutrients than advertised.

Healthline reports over 80% of store brand vitamins tested DID NOT CONTAIN the listed amount of nutrients as stated on their labels. This is problematic being 10-30% of older people do not properly digest and absorb natural B12 from their normal food intake and Vegetarians and vegans absorb 50% less from plant food consumption.

Tablets, capsules and gummies all failed to impress.

The Best Form: Oral Sprays

An innovative approach to vitamins has surfaced. Oral sprays are the next best thing to IV vitamins, without the costs and inconvenience. Oral sprays provide over 90% absorption, higher than any other form of vitamins. The nutrients are already 'emulsified' and ready to be absorbed, unlike most vitamins with unwanted additives, colorings and impurities

Oral sprays are not loaded with the sugars found in other supplement forms and taste wonderful. They are more potent than the famous B12 injection, which is painfully placed directly into the muscle. Oral sprays are sprayed in the mouth without any need for food or water, and pain-free.

There are no sugars, fillers, binders, allergens, gluten or dairy. They are the most raw form of vitamins available and the most efficient for your health.

Please note that not all supplements can be made into a spray form, but the ones that can are third party tested for solubility and safety. You can even take Iron in a spray form that will not constipate, nauseate or discolor teeth like many tablet or liquid iron supplements.

Oral sprays are changing the vitamin game.

SpectraSpray offers the finest oral vitamin spray supplements, with careful attention to formulation by an expert chemist with many years of experience. You never have to chew or swallow your vitamins ever again! Also airline compliant and available in a travel-kit for your convenience. Take any time, day or night.


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