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4 Carry-on Essentials to Keep you Healthy While Traveling.

Updated: Nov 12, 2023

Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, we can all agree that traveling has its perks.

Perhaps we’re visiting somewhere new and exciting, or we’re simply just looking forward to getting some “me time” away from the daily obligatory duties of life. While traveling is exciting and fun, we often encounter health and wellness challenges:

· Germs and Bacteria - trains, buses, airplanes, and cruise ships

· Digestive Issuesdifferent diet

· Energy and Sleep deprivation – time zone, hotel

· Stress – business or discomforts of travel

· Weakened immune systemresulting from all of the above!

At SpectraSpray, it’s our mission to spread wellness; our vitamin sprays were created exactly with those travel challenges in mind which is why they are TSA compliant – pretty convenient, right!?

The next time you’re traveling, remember these four carry-on essentials to ensure your trip ends up exactly how you envisioned it. Don’t fall victim to the negative side-effects of traveling.

1. Staying Well - Immune Spray Vitamins

A major travel challenge is that public places are a breeding ground for germs, viruses and bacteria; whether you’re on a plane, boat, train or in an airport. Think of how many people use public transportation on a daily basis and now think of how well each one is cleaned…

Combat the germs you face while traveling by adding a quick spritz of our Immune vitamin spray into your daily mix to help fight off invading viruses and bacteria thanks to good old Vitamin C, D3, Zinc, and Lysine. Our immune spray; because used orally; creates a ‘protective barrier’ in the mouth, where we take in most offenders!

It comes down to protecting our immune systems to avoid dropped energy levels and constipation brought upon by the change-up in diet.

On the road again means your body isn’t getting its routine meals; perhaps you’re eating entirely different food or have a varying schedule that’s only allowing one big meal a day.

Remember, your diet fuels you. And helps you stay well.

When we travel, we can easily miss out on important daily nutrients. Making your best food choices whenever possible will pay off. Try to include lean proteins, healthy fats, salads with dark leafy greens (energy!), fresh fruits and vegetable, nuts and seed while on the go.

Our bodies absolutely know when we are traveling. Some great ways to help digestion stay on track while traveling is by taking probiotics, drinking aloe juice, limiting carbohydrates, and bringing snacks along to help regulate blood sugar.

2. Sleep Deprivation - Sleep Spray Vitamins

Even though we could be so excited to be away on vacation, sleep deprivation is a common denominator due to:

· time zone changes

· uncomfortable bedding

· whacky diet

· alcohol consumption

Once we start losing sleep, it starts to affect our immune system. It’s important to always be getting at least 6-7 hours of sleep of night (especially while traveling) to give our bodies the best chance at not getting sick while traveling. If you often struggle from sleep deprivation when you’re not in your own bed, you should check out our SpectraSpray Sleep Support Spray.

Don’t just tell yourself that “you’ll sleep on the plane”. Instead make sure you’ll get a good night of sleep by using our Sleep Spray.

3. Relieve Stress - Stress Spray

Another negative result of sleep deprivation and weakened immune strength is often stress. We all know, stress can be brought on by just about any thought that pops into our minds. When traveling for business, we are constantly under pressure to have the highest level of mental focus which can come with a bag-load of stress.

Our Stress sprays are the perfect superhero for people who can’t escape the stress of traveling; especially our business travelers. With a great spearmint taste and the important ingredient, GABA, it one of our top selling products due to all its awesome benefits for natural stress relief.

4. Energy - B12 Energy Spray

If sleep deprivation wasn’t enough to throw your digestive system off while traveling, you could also experience a lack of energy given all the moving parts listed above. What’s worse than being at a work conference and not being able to speak confidently or being on a family vacation and having NO ENERGY to enjoy your planned activities.

Why not present the best version of yourself with the energy you need, when you need it? Vitamin B12 helps your body ‘make’ energy and helps it last throughout the day. Our B12 vitamin spray gives you instant energy while also promoting better sleep and mental clarity; a best loved carry on essential!

We love talking about B12 because we seriously know how much a few little sprays in the mouth can change your day for the better.

Your Best Trip Ever!

It’s important to be keeping our health at top-of-mind while traveling. There can be so many factors that can quickly turn a long sought-after trip into a less than desirable experience.

Our spray vitamins are a welcomed addition to your suitcase or briefcase and are vital to making your trip the best trip ever! Sleep well, stay well, stress less and have the energy with these 4 Carry-on Essentials you need to make every vacation or business travel day the best they can be.


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