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4 Essential Immune Health Tips

Updated: Sep 18, 2020

Don't get sick this season! We've got you covered. Manage your stress, sleep, and give your body what it NEEDS to stay healthy.



1. Manage Stress.

Let’s face it. We can’t eliminate STRESS. And we actually don’t want to. We want to MANAGE IT.

The first step is to assess it and to be mindful. How much stress is good in our day? And when is it too much? Time management to schedule ‘down time’ is totally up to us!

Most of us have forgotten how to ‘relax’ or do things for ourselves that we actually enjoy and help us forget about work and responsibilities.

  • Is there a hobby you can get back into, or an exercise that you enjoy?

  • Even chats with friends can help reduce stress by helping us focus on others instead of ourselves.

  • Essential oils like Lavender and balancing blends are amazing for chilling out any time of day.

  • In addition to my Stress Support Spray, I keep my DO TERRA blends called PEACE and CHEER with me at all times for a quick sniff!

There are many wonderful ‘adaptogenic’ formulas on the market today that help you ‘adapt’ to stress.

Some of the most common ingredients are: Echinacea, Feverfew, Ashwaganda, Ginkgo, Passionflower, Rose Hips & Valerian Root.

B vitamin repletion is crucial to support stress reduction, since most are water-soluble and disappear throughout the day, especially on a stressful day!

Our diet and environment also deplete B Vitamins. Between stressful jobs and family responsibilities, toxic exposure, caffeine, alcohol and sugar intake, we lose B vitamins faster than we can say the word “GO”!

Our Stress Support Spray includes many of the proven adaptogen ingredients and B vitamins to help ‘CALM’ feelings of anxiety that can keep you from being 100% productive or sleep well at night.

2. Sleep.

Focus on getting your sleep and getting ‘deep, restorative’ sleep most nights.

Melatonin is commonly used and works for many.

SpectraSpray’s Oral Sleep Support Spray provides pharmaceutical grade Melatonin, which is very important for effectiveness.

In addition, 5HTP and L Theanine help your body create ‘L- Tryptophan’ for natural deep rest.

3. Take Vitamins + Supplements.

Supplements are not like drugs. They don’t work instantly.

You must feed your body regularly in order to reap the benefits of antioxidants like Vitamin C and keep your Vitamin D levels up.

Although minerals like Zinc and additional immune supporting herbs are helpful at the start of a cold or flu. Most people find if they take these remedies at the start, their symptoms will be reduced along with the length of their suffering.

Vitamin D3 helps strengthen your immune system in many ways. Not just for the seasonal viruses that surround us, but for the heavy lifting in fighting cancer growth, heart disease and blood sugar issues. The reason is that it works on a ‘cellular’ level, helping the body to ‘orchestrate’ functions. Experts like Dr. Hollick refer to Vitamin D as more of a ‘hormone’ than a vitamin for that reason.

SpectraSpray’s ORAL Vitamin D3 ACTIVE Spray provides Dr. Hollick’s recommended dose of 5000IU’s per day for adults in order to give the body what it needs to do its job well. Always check your Vitamin D levels with your health professional, to be proactive with your health. It is a foundational vitamin and provides great benefits to all of your systems.

Vitamin C improves the absorption of iron from plant-based foods and helps the immune system work properly to protect the body from disease.

4. Eat Right.

As a ‘Lifestyle Coach’ for healthy eating, I love to share tips for eating your vegetables; all year long!

Once the summer is over, it can be challenging to keep up your ‘vegetable’ intake. Consider making a vegetable soup, or ‘greens and beans’ each weekend to get you through the week. Vegetables provide the phyto-nutrients your body needs to stay well, and beans provide iron and minerals.

It’s easy and inexpensive to purchase frozen spinach or kale and add it to your smoothies.

Fall salads can include chopped seasonal root vegetables or nuts and seeds, like pumpkin seeds, which are a powerhouse of minerals! Kale chips are one of the easiest snacks to make, and will satisfy your salt cravings while providing a powerhouse of nutrients.


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