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How To Reduce Stress with 5 Daily Lifestyle Habits

Updated: Oct 8, 2023

Contributed by Reiley Green, Marketing Assistant at SpectraSpray Global

There are many ways to reduce chronic stress symptoms and help relieve burnout symptoms from working so many hours at work, or just having general life stress from a busy family and an active social life.

How to reduce Stress
Managing stress for optimum health & wellness.

What are the symptoms of stress and burnout from work that may be affecting your quality of life?

· Nervousness & Anxiety

· Fatigue

· Tension headaches on your forehead

· Difficulty sleeping or restlessness at bedtime.

· Frequent minor colds

· Irritability - being grumpy for no reason.

· Thoughts of feeling helpless from not knowing how to reduce chronic stress symptoms.

A very common but not so easily recognized chronic stress symptom is tiredness – even with an energy drink or coffee you may still feel tired. Here are five lifestyle recommendations for how to reduce stress daily:

1. Get regular exercise.

2. Build healthier eating habits.

3. Take proven natural stress relieving natural supplements.

4. Meditate for a few minutes for mental focus.

5. Improving your sleep habits.

Regular exercise.

Regular exercise in any form can help reduce chronic stress by getting your blood flowing and releasing chemicals and hormones including DOPAMINE. Dopamine is the happy hormone produced when you get excited! When you exercise, you increase energy by creating new energy pathways, and releasing tension from your body. Since chronic symptoms of stress include fatigue, moderate exercise can help reduce the stress that is causing your tiredness. There are so many other benefits to moderate exercise including helping to reduce blood pressure and helping to lubricate your joints which helps reduce pain and inflammation. It also supports a better sleep.

Moderate exercise could just be a brisk walk with the dogs or kids around the neighborhood for 30 minutes, soothing yoga on Netflix, or mowing the lawn if you can’t make it to the gym to hit the weights, or treadmill! You can even vigorously clean your house to get your blood flowing. Be careful to break into exercise gradually and not to over do it, which will create exhaustion which can create additional symptoms of stress. That is not our goal here!

Healthier eating habits- eating less fast food, and more home-cooked meals can reduce stress on your kidney, liver, and stomach by having less processing of chemicals. Along with the amount of chemicals in modern food, the soil is under nourished, so it lacks vitamins and minerals such as Iron, magnesium, and B vitamins which are all crucial to optimal health. This is why organic eating can help – the soil is more nutrient dense the organic farming uses less pesticides. It can be as easy as taking a banana on the go with your coffee for work or having a side of broccoli with your regular dinner.

Healthy Food
Eat your veges!

Add more nutrient dense foods into your lifestyle – ideally your plate should be 1/2 vegetables, 1/4 lean meat/protein such as chicken breast, or 90/10 % fat ground beef and 1/4 healthy carbs such as potatoes rice an ancient grain like quinoa or barley or even a healthy pasta!

Adding more water to your day will reduce the amount of chemicals in your body, and flush out all the toxins. It also helps all of the electrolytes activate to help every function in your body. A good rule of thumb would be drinking a 12 ounce glass of water upon waking and one before each meal. You would be taking in 48 ounces of water just doing what you do every day - waking up and eating three meals!

On the days that you exercise, you can drink water before, during and after to help you stay hydrated. which would add an extra 24oz of water to your daily intake! On hot days – you should have 6 – 8 cups of water to replenish water to replenish the electrolytes such as salts and potassium lost in sweat.

Supplements – adding a few simple daily supplements into your life can decrease the amount of stress your body has by providing the depleted minerals your body isn’t getting from food An easy way to supplement on-the-go is to use orals sprays. They can be used anytime of day with no need to take with a meal or find water to down a pill. One example would be Stress spray from SpectraSpray which has GABA, B vitamins plus a few other adaptogenic herbs to help reduce chronic stress symptoms.

They also provide a cool Multivitamin spray so you could get trace minerals plus important nutrients Biotin , D3 and B12 which support cellular growth and healthy aging. Another highly recommended chronic stress symptom relieving spray is Café Energy with adaptogens for stress, B vitamins and just 5 mg of caffeine which helps energize by helping to relieve symptoms of stress.

Meditation – meditating into deep thought can help relax the body by focusing on an idea rather than many of the outside thoughts going through our head. You could quietly think about that new healthy meal plan for the week or sit on the living room floor or gym mat and do yoga for 20- 30 minutes focusing on breathing to relax the body.

Meditation and yoga have been linked to increased mental clarity from relaxing the body tension. Why not try something new?

Improving sleep habits – sleep affects all aspects of the body. Sleep is our bodies natural reset button every single day. Not having enough sleep seriously stresses the body and contributes to chronic symptoms of stress. What can you do to reduce stress and chronic stress burnout symptoms at the end of the day? Try setting a bed me such as 9 or 10 pm. 30 minutes before bed, turn off your cellphone and tv to reduce the blue light exposure.

Sleep Spray by SpectraSpray
Reboot with a restorative sleep.

Also – when in bed try breathing deeply, to relax your body and reduce stress by letting go with deep breaths. You can also try a melatonin supplement – such as Sleep Spray. We like this option because with just 1 mg of Melatonin and the added amino acids and herbs, you support relaxation, deep sleep and can wake up refreshed rather than groggy. Many melatonin products have high melatonin, which we don’t recommend. Giving your body too much Melatonin will stop it from producing its own.

Our goal here is to help you build new habits in your lifestyle as you learn how to reduce stress and relieve the symptoms of stress. We recommend focusing on JUST ONE recommendation for a week, then adding others one week at a time. Within 5 weeks, if you conquer just three of our recommendations on how to reduce stress, you’ll feel like a new person, with less stress symptoms, more energy and mental focus.

We hope that these tips help you manage the stress in your life and support you to accomplish all your professional and personal goals.

You can eliminate the chronic symptoms of stress like tiredness, poor sleep and lack of concentration. What will you master first to change your life??


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Article by Reiley Green, Marketing assistant and blog author; Arizona State University -enrolled in master’s degree of medical nutrition 2024


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