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How to Stay ACTIVE as You Age With 4 Essential Nutrients

Provided by Janet Ryan, Wellness consultant and founder- SpectraSpray Global

Many people ask me how they can have more energy, naturally. I hear it from young adults as well as older adults.

Maybe you resort to ‘not so healthy energy drinks? What do we do to our bodies that depletes our energy? And is it really ‘our fault’? Well, to a degree, YES.

But no one’s life is easy. It’s not easy to work or own a business, take care of a family, make time for education, fun, exercise and sleep with our very busy lifestyles.

Something has to go.

Unfortunately, it’s typically our energy levels. And then the vicious cycle comes; eat carbs, drink caffeine, crash and do it all again.

So, what can we do? Drink more water? eat more greens, exercise, sleep better? I’m sure you’ve heard it all! And most of us try, we really do. But often we don’t pay attention to is what our bodies really need.

Especially after the age of 30 or 40; there are 4 nutrients that naturally begin to decrease; B12, CoQ10, D and Melatonin (a hormone)

4 Nutrients that Naturally Deplete over age 40.

Let’s talk about B12 first. B12 is responsible for many functions and supports many bio-chemical processes. But most importantly, it helps our bodies use nutrients (food) to create energy.

Vitamin B-12 and iron together have a role in your body for maintaining red blood cells and their oxygen-carrying capacity.

Functional physicians and nutritionists will often try to correct a B12 deficiency before prescribing iron supplementation. You've most likely heard of B12 ‘shots’ and intravenous (IV) B12.

We can experience extreme fatigue without proper B12 levels. You should only take B12 in its ‘ACTIVE’ form; called METHYL- cobalamin. (vs. CYAN-o-cobalamin)

What is COQ10 9 (Ubiquinol) & What’s its Role in Energy Production?

A lot of people I mention COQ10 to really don’t know what it is and wonder why their physician never mentions it when they go on statin drugs for cholesterol control. It’s an enzyme, actually it’s a ‘Co - enzyme.

And it’s one of the most important Co-enzymes in our bodies. It plays a critical role in the creation of cellular energy. Maybe you remember the ‘Krebs; cycle or ATP process from High School science class.

Without COQ10, the ‘energy’ cycle just doesn’t perform well. Cellular Energy means energy for EVERY CELL in your body, especially in your muscles.

Guess which muscle is your hardest working?

Your heart. No joke.

Lots of CoQ10 is found inside the tissue of energy-demanding organs such as the heart, brain, liver and kidneys. But there are 2 forms of COQ10 and many of us cannot utilize one. Conventional CoQ10 must be converted in your body into Ubiquinol (the more advanced type of CoQ10).

Your vital organs need UBIQUINOL to function at optimal levels. Unlike conventional CoQ10, (Ubiquinone), Ubiquinol is also a strong antioxidant that helps reduce damage to healthy cells in the body.

By the way, ubiquitous means ‘EVERYWHERE’. COQ10 is everywhere in your body! And it all starts to happen around the age of 30. Whether we like it or not.

It does help a lot to exercise. You can actually ‘create’ energy in your cells by stimulating them with exercise. It’s kind of like a spark plug- a conduit to make everything ‘energize’ in your body and mind.

But back to the importance of CoQ10.

Your body has a harder time with the conversion as your body’s ability to convert it becomes less efficient with age. It’s especially important for those over 40 to take the UBIQUINOL form.

With SpectraSpray ORAL Spray COQ10- Ubiquinol, you get the ‘active’ form of COQ10, as well as the highest quality Kaneka™ brand.

As a triple bonus to getting the ‘Active’ form of COQ10 and the Kaneka™ brand, with our spray delivery, you absorb more, faster; making it extremely effective and cost -effective.

Please note- although the 40IU dose may seem low, it can deliver 4-5x the amount of Ubiquinol in a dose than capsules. (Therefore, our dose of 40 IU can be equivalent to 160-200IU of other products that are not in an emulsion/spray formula)

VITAMIN D – The ‘Hormone Vitamin’

Vitamin D production in the body also naturally decreases as we start to age. Over 70% of the US population is deficient. As you probably know, a good portion of our population is over age 40!

VITAMIN D is often referred to as the “Sunshine Vitamin”, acting more like a hormone than a vitamin. It helps to regulate many cells and organs in your body. Doctors will now test Vitamin D levels, especially when there is fatigue, depression or obesity.

Beware, insurance companies are starting to give the docs a hard time doing Vitamin D levels. You may have to get it done on your own soon. D3 is a key player in supporting your metabolism, blood sugar levels and immune health! All three are crucial for good energy levels.

Again, you should be taking Vitamin D in its ‘ACTIVE’ form of D3.; cholecalciferol.

Sleep Quality Depends on Melatonin Production.

The last nutrient is Melatonin; an amino acid-derived hormone. The pineal gland in the brain makes and secretes melatonin, which regulates sleep cycles. Our quality of sleep is affected severely when it decreases.

Many people use a form of Melatonin at night or when they travel to help their bodies maintain a regular ‘Circadian Rhythm’ for better sleep.

Sleep Spray with just the right amount of high-grade Melatonin, and other naturally relaxing ingredients will help you get the sleep you need to ‘REBOOT’ and start fresh the next day. L-Theanine, 5 HTP and herbs help you unwind, sleep longer and better and wake up refreshed, ready for a new and ‘active’ day.

So, it’s not totally your fault if you can’t sleep, lack energy, or end up relying on unhealthy products to keep you going.

But remember, you do have choices. We hope you’ll make good choices and consider a few of our ACTIVE ingredient sprays to keep you active longer!

SLEEP SUPPORT and ACTIVE LIFESTYLE KIT with CoQ10, B12 and Vitamin D3, all in their active forms; provide enhanced absorption by high tech ORAL spray delivery.

Our sprays fit your lifestyle.

They can go with you anywhere and help your body ‘make’ the energy it needs to live well and stay active.


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