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Surviving College with Your New BFF, SpectraSpray Spray Vitamins

Updated: Nov 12, 2023

Ah college, the day you’ve looked forward to since you entered high school. Freedom from curfews and chores at home, no one telling you “Hurry up you’ll be late for school” or “Don’t forget to take your vitamins and supplements”. No one accusing you of being lazy because you slept in too late or scolding you because you went on a 3-day long festival bender – ah the glory days of college.

So as a busy young college student, how do you manage all of your classes while juggling a social life, extra-curricular activities, oh and don’t forget internships, the “real-world” loves those?........

SpectraSpray Spray Vitamins - The Future of Vitamins.

Meet Kelsey, a college student who loves her SpectraSpray college kit.

She avoids getting sicks, stays well rested and always has energy because of her SpectraSpray spray vitamins!

You’re always on the go, shuffling between your responsibilities: “Feed myself, class, clean my room so my roommate doesn’t get pissed off, finish the assignment before my next class, oh yes and food – definitely need that again.”

With the 24/7 grinding that’s needed of you during your college years, you often overlook one key-factor of keeping the whole shindig together – YOURSELF.

From an early age you were taught to eat nutritious meals to ensure you get your daily vitamins, and that’s not always easy for a college student that’s always on the go – not to mention you might not always have the most healthy options available for you.

SpectraSpray, a convenient vitamin spray can eliminate all of that and will absolutely be your new college BFF due to its sleek packaging and amazing benefits for anxiety, stress, immune support, and overall mental health.

College will definitely be some of the hardest and most challenging years you may experience in life and you should be using every lifeline possible.

Looking to survive college this semester? Keep these in your pocket or backpack while you’re out there grinding and never miss a class (or party!) again.

Energy for every day, even your late nights in the library.

We love Vitamin B12 and so do our bodies. With a ton of information being thrown at you during college, B12 helps you stay focused and energized – not to mention it’s essential for your overall mental health and makes your hair, skin, and nails look bomb!

Coffee and energy drinks are staples on college campuses, especially when you’re in the library until the wee hours of the morning. Instead of fueling your body with chemicals, try SpectraSpray’s B12 Energy Spray to give you an instant natural burst of energy that won’t affect your sleep the way energy drinks or caffeine will.

This best thing about B12 Energy Spray? It replaces the B12 you lose from stress, staying up (maybe too) late or partying too hard the night before…so the paper you planned to finish on Sunday will actually get done.

Conquer your stressful schedule with a quick spritz of Stress Spray.

It’s almost as if your professors know that you have a 16-page paper due the same day as your 10-minute presentation! UGH.

Breathe in slowly, reach into your pocket and simply open your mouth for a refreshing spritz of Stress Support for an instant feeling of calmness – also known as vitamin B and vitamin C.

Yes, college will be some of the most stressful years of your life but you don’t have to suffer – remember you have a lifeline! With your stress support supplement, you will be in a place of Zen and able to get yourself back to a calmer state of mind. You'll be more productive with all of the college assignments being thrown your way.

Got Anxiety?

We've got you covered. With oral spray's very high absorption, you'll get fast results; a few sprays and you’re on your way to reducing anxiety before your big presentation in front of your peers or for an overall sense of calmness for when your roommate took your last Pop-tart without asking.

Don’t just take our word for it - meet Danny, a current college student at NJIT who doesn’t leave for campus without his Oral Spray.

Sleep like a baby after all your hard work.

Better Restful Sleep for Exam week with SpectraSpray Sleep Support Spray. Spectraspray Oral Spray Vitamins. The Future of Vitamins.
Non- addictive natural ingredeints to help you sleep deeply without feeling groggy in the am.

It’s finally pillow-time in your college dorm room and the worst thing has happened – you cannot fall asleep for THE LIFE of your first unborn child. With a million and one things constantly being thrown at you during your days at college, sometimes it’s hard to stop your brain from being in a constant state of “go” and get some rest.

SpectraSpray Sleep Spray does exactly what it says in its name – it supports a healthy deep sleep which reduces your stress levels caused by the lack of sleep, while stabilizing your mood during the day.

Don't get sick!

Forget the bags of cough syrup and medications! Use Immune Spray every day to keep your immune system fighting. By spraying orally, the active ingredients create a protective barrier to keep away nasty viruses and germs found everywhere on campus. Complete with Vitamin D, Lysine and Zinc, bugs don't have a chance!

Take your SpectraSpray Vitamins with you - anywhere, anytime!

Keeping a spray vitamin in your backpack will absolutely change your life, not to mention help you navigate the challenging waters of college. You don’t need water or food to take them unlike other vitamins & supplements, so SpectraSpray can be taken anywhere, anytime – ultimately making it the most convenient vitamin out there!

Because we care about you; just like our own children; our sprays are all natural: Non GMO, vegan or vegetarian, free of sugar, gluten, dyes, dairy, artificial flavors and made without binders or fillers.

They're JUST NUTRIENTS, to keep you thriving. Plus, they taste great & freshen your breath.

Lifestyle Kits created for you!

If you’re having a hard time picking just one, there are a ton of SpectraSpray lifestyle kits here and there is also a $5 off coupon when you subscribe to SpectraSpray's email. Remember when college has you feeling bogged down or stressed, there is a healthy, convenient and instant alternative; SpectraSpray Spray Vitamins - your new college BFF.


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