What affects your quality of SLEEP?

Updated: Oct 6, 2019

There is more than one factor that affects our quality of sleep.

I will discuss the effects of stress levels, hormones and nutrient deficiencies along with explaining the importance of good sleep, especially as it relates to positive aging and mental clarity.

When you sleep, you REBOOT.

Many people, at any age, don’t sleep deeply. There are a few cycles of sleep, and if you don’t get through the REM cycles, you really haven’t rested your engine, your brain!

Sleep has 2 major functions: it repairs the body from the degradation that occurs during the day; and it is involved in learning and memory,

There are 4 stages of sleep which can be broken down to:

  • REM: Rapid eye movement stage ; involved in the learning and memory

  • NREM: non-rapid eye movement stages; involved in reparation of the body and hormone production.

NREM is also referred to as deep sleep phase; where you get quality sleep and wake up refreshed!

Top causes of sleep disruption: