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Why Spray Vitamins? 6 Common Questions

Updated: Oct 6, 2019

There are many ‘good’ vitamins on the market today. But Spray Vitamins have the highest bioavailability which means you get more for your money and they can be more effective than pills, capsules and liquids.

The standard pill, or one a day, is not one of them, and yet they are the most commonly taken; due to marketing and price point. This makes you wonder why some of the ‘multivitamin studies’ do not show improvements in health. Spray Vitamins are not used for these useless studies.

It makes sense that the studies don’t show improvements in health. After all, do you think they used Spray Vitamins to test? No, they didn’t. They typically use pills. Therefore, the vitamins used probably never dissolved and absorbed! Spray Multivitamins are in the highest absorbable form for super availability.

As a certified nutraceutical consultant, I get asked these questions most often:

1.Why do I need to take vitamins; can’t I get all the nutrients I need from my food?

Let’s start with the food. First of all, how well do most Americans eat? Secondly, even when you do eat well, our soil is seriously deprived in the minerals and nutrients once present. It shows in testing, with over 70% population deficient in magnesium and almost as many low in Vitamin D.

Personally, there could be a few reasons you need to ‘supplement’ your food. If you have any health & wellness issues such as brain fog, poor digestion, poor sleep quality, challenging stress, imbalanced hormones, anxiety or depression, blood sugar irregularity or headaches, there most likely is a ‘nutrient’ correlation that can support feeling better. If you are a vegan or vegetarian, you should be supplementing with B12; preferable one that absorbs, like Spray B12.

Having taught healthy anti-inflammatory eating for over 5 years, I find it helps a lot, but it still isn’t enough for many. I never advocate taking tons of supplements. I actually prefer people stop taking all vitamins and do a test to see what they SHOULD be taking and how their body UTILIZES nutrients.

Or I suggest they meet with a qualified nutrition expert to learn more about how nutrients; vitamins, minerals, amino acids, antioxidants affect their health. This is NOT a conversation you can typically have with your primary care doctor unless they are educated and well versed in nutrition. In medical school they receive about an hour of nutrition education and often do not understand the detailed implications of micronutrient deficiencies.

With Vitamin D deficiency over 70%, it’s super important to find a Vitamin D supplement that absorbs and works. Spectra Spray’s D3 Spray Vitamins show a 30 point increase in just a few months. That’s because they absorb! And Vitamin D is a foundation for good health; studies prove higher levels help you prevent chronic disease.

2. How do I know what vitamins and supplements I need to take?

The odds are you are not taking what your body truly lacks.

There is a test called SpectraCell Micronutrient Functional Analysis which after testing your blood, will show you what nutrients your body actual use more of, or do not make properly. No test is 100%, but this is a scientific tool to help your health professional know where to focus.

There are also medical nutritionists and Functional Medicine physicians that are educated in nutrient therapy, how your genes affect your nutrient absorption and utilization. If you can’t find one, let me know. I refer people all the time!

3.Why are Spray Vitamins better than pills and capsules?

Better nutrient absorption and much higher bio-availability. In a nutshell, the majority of vitamins people take these days are pills. They are made by companies that are well known, market popular brands and are extremely low priced.

But there is a problem. Most people cannot break down pills. The binders and fillers along with added ingredients can also be harmful contaminants in some brands.

The nutrients are ‘emulsified’ and ready to absorb into your system. In addition, SpectraSpray’s spray vitamins use the ACTIVE forms to increase bioavailability. This ensures that your body will use it, without having to go through a bio-chemical process to ‘convert’ it into a usable nutrient.

Spectra Spray’s B12 spray is in the active form of Methyl- cobalamin. D3 Spray is 5000IU which is needed to replete when your levels are low. CoQ10 Spray uses Kaneka™ Ubiquinol, which is 3x’s more absorbable than standard CoQ10 (ubiquinone).

4. Do I have to take them with food?

No, you can take spray vitamins anytime! That’s part of the advantage. With our busy lives, we often forget to take our vitamins. We are well meaning, but often the ones we take don’t make us feel any different so we ‘forget’.

You don’t forget to drink your coffee or tea in the morning, do you?

You can carry spray vitamins with you, on the road, to the office, on the plane… wherever. And JUST SPRAY. You can actually spray a few in a row while you are in the car, like I do most days!

5. Can I take all my vitamins in a spray form?

Not all nutrients can be made into spray vitamins yet! There is a limit on which nutrients can currently be formulated into a spray vitamin or spray supplement because of the nano-technology used. Our spray vitamin line is one of the most diverse in the industry and uses all the highest quality ingredients. The most important nutrients are delivered in the ‘active’ form, which means your body has no need to convert; in case there is a genetic issue or lack of enzymes to utilize the nutrients.

That being said, we have provided some of the most important nutrients to help you create a ‘wellness foundation’. Our Active Lifestyle kit is modeled around the nutrients that naturally deplete in your system starting at age 40.

In addition, 1 in 3 Americans experience poor sleep; 1 in 5 have immune weakness; and stress is at an all time high. All three conditions have an effect on total health and should be addressed as primary concerns.

Spray supplements can support these issues with proven ingredients to achieve optimal health. Sleep Sprays, Immune Sprays and Stress Support sprays are available.

6. What Spray Vitamin should I start with?

First of all, check your Vitamin D levels. If they are low, start there. Vitamin D acts more like a hormone than a vitamin, regulating many functions including heart, brain, immune, hormone and respiratory.

Next consider, B12 and COQ10 for healthy energy levels.

The former spray supplements will also support sleep, but if your sleep is less than optimal, you can try Sleep Support Spray occasionally to get a deeper sleep and feel better the next day.

Who doesn’t want to have a good day? Have a great day, with SpectraSpray oral Sprays!



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