Why Spray Vitamins? 6 Common Questions

Updated: Oct 6, 2019

There are many ‘good’ vitamins on the market today. But Spray Vitamins have the highest bioavailability which means you get more for your money and they can be more effective than pills, capsules and liquids.

The standard pill, or one a day, is not one of them, and yet they are the most commonly taken; due to marketing and price point. This makes you wonder why some of the ‘multivitamin studies’ do not show improvements in health. Spray Vitamins are not used for these useless studies.

It makes sense that the studies don’t show improvements in health. After all, do you think they used Spray Vitamins to test? No, they didn’t. They typically use pills. Therefore, the vitamins used probably never dissolved and absorbed! Spray Multivitamins are in the highest absorbable form for super availability.

As a certified nutraceutical consultant, I get asked these questions most often:

1.Why do I need to take vitamins; can’t I get all the nutrients I need from my food?

Let’s start with the food. First of all, how well do most Americans eat? Secondly, even when you do eat well, our soil is seriously deprived in the minerals and nutrients once present. It shows in testing, with over 70% population deficient in magnesium and almost as many low in Vitamin D.