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Home Office Essentials

Updated: Sep 11, 2020

by Heather Newgen, contributing journalist

Whether we like it or not, Covid-19 has triggered a new reality of remote working.

While some love doing Zoom meetings from bed in their pjs, others have a new level of stress they're coping with as they balance laundry, kids, work and home-school among other tasks.

Trying to do it all and remain calm has been challenging, but SpectraSpray has a solution to help ease the troubling situation with their Home Office Essential Vitamin Spray Kit. The kit contains three oral vitamin sprays that are uniquely designed to meet your lifestyle needs no matter where you log in from. All sprays are conveniently travel sized, so you can throw them in your bag and have the sprays with you at all times or keep them handy on your desk.

Cafe Energy Spray

Tired of relying on energy drinks and caffeine pills for a pick me up? SpectraSpray offers a healthier way to boost your energy Not only will you experience the energy boost of the 5mg of natural caffeine PLUS the highest absorbing form of B12 on earth, but you’ll conquer your stress levels at the same time with our adaptogenic herbal formula, which includes the following.


The root of this incredible plant is scientifically proven to reduce the physical effects of stress by providing a natural calm feeling. B6/B12 supports focus, neurological function and sharpens concentration in addition to decreasing fatigue.

Astragalus Root

This root comes from a legume-related herb and protects the immune system. It’s origins are from traditional Chinese herbal medicine. It was and continues to be used for combating overall fatigue and a natural energy booster.

The Cafe Energy Spray will keep you truckin' during the periods where you feel sluggish and help you stay alert for those early morning Zoom calls or afternoon sport practices with the kids.

All of SpectraSpray's oral sprays deliver results. With 5x HIGHER ABSORPTION than energy drinks and much less costly.

Plus you'll love the mocha flavor!

Staying healthy has never been more important and SpectraSpray offers an effortless way to maintain a strong immune system. Armed with Vitamins C, D and E, our Immune vitamin spray instantly provides an oral barrier to germs and viruses. Using it daily will give your immune system the boost it needs to fight off invading bugs. With Zinc and L-Lysine in our premium formula, you’ll equip your body’s natural defenses with an extra boost of protection.

I'm sure we've all experienced a few sleepless nights recently, but we have just the fix. Our Sleep Spray is infused with herbs to help you relax and unwind, melatonin to help you sleep longer and amino acids like 5 HTP (tryptophan) and L-Theanine to help you feel amazing the next day. You'll wake up refreshed and feeling so much better after a good night's sleep.

Check out all these proven herbal ingredients to support a relaxed state and give you that ‘rested and ready to go’ feeling the next day, wherever you go:

· Feverfew

· Cramp bark

· Valerian root

· Ginkgo biloba

· Passionflower

· Skullcap

We know these uncertain times are difficult and hope our new solutions can give you the support you need wherever you are working from.

Stay well, sleep well, and keep your energy flowing! Tough times don’t last, but tough people do. We’re here for you- Spray away for a better day!


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