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Immune Essentials - Sleep, Stress, Diet and Vitamins

Updated: Apr 10

There’s a major focus on immune health these days……..And for good reason!

We all want to stay well, keep our families strong and function our best every day.

There are many components to a healthy immune system. We all function differently and have unique genetics. But everyone benefits from addressing the various support systems for our Immune health.

It’s not just about supplements. It’s a complete lifestyle that we must support day by day, function by function.

When discussing immune health support, we’d be remiss not to mention our dietary intake, our sleep and our stress levels. At SpectraSpray, we love to educate. When we learn something new in the world, we share it.

You’ll find lots of ‘healthy’ information when you visit our site to read about our products, but it doesn’t stop there. Check out our blogs that have been tailored to you and your lifestyle needs; family, travel, college kids, working out and positive aging.

We work closely with a very special Rheumatologist who’s actually been voted #1 in New Jersey! His tips for eating properly to support reduced inflammation and a healthy immune system can be found here on his website blog.

Contributed content by Dr. MIchael Lewko; Rheumatologist and Geriatrician.

There are many ways to address your stress levels from yoga, to meditation to having an enjoyable hobby and simply learning how to be adaptive. The same goes for Sleep.

Sleep Well to Be Well

Establishing a night-time routine to wind down and let your mind and body relax is so very important. Understanding your sleep needs is probably the most important piece of your wellness puzzle. We like to recommend that you start your immune health journey by addressing your sleep first.

Check out our Immune Essentials Kit. We’ve included Sleep Spray, Stress Spray and Immune Spray to help you sleep better, get your B vitamins and proven stress reducing herbs (Stress Spray) and provide your immune system with some Vitamin C, Zinc and Lysine in our Immune Spray.

The Choice is Yours!

We all love choices and at SpectraSpray, you’ll have them- at least 9 Immune Kits to choose from!

In addition to the Immune Essentials Kit; choose from these Immune support kits:

1. Immune Power- Immune, D3+k2

2. Family Wellness – Immune, D3 5000, Multi

3. Travel Wellness – Immune, Sleep, B12 Energy

4. Rheumatism Support – Sleep, Immune & D3+k2

5. Stay Well – Immune, B12 Energy

6. Be Well - Immune, Essential Oil Sanitizer

7. College Lifestyle – Immune, B12 Energy, Sleep

8. Work from Home Wellness Essentials – Immune, Café Energy, Sleep

VITAMIN D – the orchestrator As you probably know by now, Vitamin D is a very important immune health nutrient. Your choices continue with the option for D3 -5000IU or 2500IU with k2 spray - highly recommended for heart and bone health. Vitamin D supports immune health as well. It also helps regulate your calcium levels to support bone health and thyroid function. All of our sprays are dose adjustable, so their perfect for the whole family.

Please consult with your pediatrician for children under 13.

Vitamin D is more like a hormone than a vitamin. In simple terms, it instructs many processes in the body. It is like the conductor in a symphony. We love this PubMed article: Vitamin D: an ancient hormone

It’s really important that you know your Vitamin D levels. We like to share information by Vitamin D expert Dr. Hollick. You’ll see his name on your blood work as a reference. According to the doc, in order to be proactive with your health, you should keep your levels between 50-70, not just 30 as many health professionals will tell you.

Check out his YouTube video to learn more:

Or read this article from Premier Health- Vitamin D Helps Nearly Every Cell in Body Function Better - Vitamin D may best be known for its role in bone health, but a closer look demonstrates it ‘plays an integral part in the function of nearly every cell in the body.’

Your Immune Health is Your Overall Health

Since there are no fences in your body, all your systems interconnect and function together. They are like a family, and hopefully not a dysfunctional family! Just one challenge can throw off your ‘whole-istic’ system.

We wish it was a simple solution to stay well, but you can’t just take a bunch of supplements and think you are going to stay well while you are completely stressed out, not sleeping well and eating poorly.

Sorry, your body knows. Treat it 'well'.

You can’t just BUY wellness. You have to work at it.

There are many nutrition and holistic health professionals available recently to assist you in your journey. I know it’s challenging to DO IT ALL. But choose one area and focus on

it until you see results.


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