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  • Everyday Tips & Vitamins for Energy and Less Stress

    iron. That ideology has changed though- you should not take iron unless you have been diagnosed with an iron It is safe to use iron during menstruation though, for a few days to replete the iron lost. Iron is needed to make Hemoglobin. Power- B12 + Iron (VEGAN)

  • Vitamin B12 - Energy Super Hero - Part 2

    B12’s Best Buddy - Iron It’s almost impossible to discuss B12, without mentioning Iron. As mentioned in Part I, your body needs B12 to form Red Blood Cells which transport oxygen (and Iron) You may not really be aware so a blood test for both iron levels and ferritin (stores of iron) will confirm Symptoms of anemia include: Paleness Weakness Fatigue Low Vitamin B12 and low iron levels are causes Just a note - Vegetarian women have higher rates of IRON DEFICIENCY, especially during menstruation.

  • Are Liquid Vitamins Better for Kids?

    With a focus on vital nutrients like Vitamin D, B vitamins, and Iron, liquid multivitamins are designed Slow growth is another concern , as insufficient levels of Vitamin D, Calcium, and Iron can hinder proper Increased fatigue is also common, as low iron levels can result in anemia, leaving children feeling tired

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