Super Mom Kit

Sleep  + Stress Oral Sprays and Hand & Surface Sanitizer


Easy to use, anytime sprays to keep you centered, well-rested, and healthy. Our exclusive 'Super Mom Kit,' curated by the Super Moms behind The Pickup Line Newsletter, will get you there! Stave off stress with a spritz of B vitamins and botanicals that are designed to promote relaxation and calm.


Stay clean and healthy all day long with the convenient and great-smelling hand sanitizer, complete with lavender and citronella essential oils.  (CDC compliant!)


Wrap up a busy day of 'super-momming' with the best-selling Sleep Spray that will help you unwind and prepare for a night of sound sleep! Wake up refreshed, recharged and ready to greet a brand new day.


Direct absorption gives you fast results.


  • No need for food or water
  • Pill free
  • Natural, non- addicting sleep support without medication grogginess
  • B vits + Stress reducing herbs (Stress Spray)
  • Supports a healthy weight


Diabetic and Bariatric patient friendly. TSA compliant. Sugar free, gluten free, dairy free. No binders, fillers or allergens. Non-GMO. Made in USA. 30 servings | 240 sprays | 8 sprays each.


Super Mom Kit

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  • Click here for HOW TO SPRAY


    Sleep + Stress Oral Sprays:
    Before initial use, activate the pump by pressing a few times. Always shake gently before use and spray directly into mouth, preferably on the inside of each cheek, hold, then swallow.


    Suggested use: 8 sprays per day; either 4 sprays, twice a day, or 8 sprays once per day; half on each side. 8 sprays suggested for Stress Spray when needed.

    Sleep spray - use 4-8 sprays 60-90 minutes prior to desired sleep time.


    Hand & Surface Sanitizer
    Cup hand and spray  4-5, then rub gently. Use as needed.  



    Steering Wheel: post shopping, sports games or  dining out
    Shopping Carts: spray handle
    Airplane: use on hands, tray table, arm rest, etc
    Hotel room: use on hands, bathroom surfaces, desk and night table surfaces

Why Spray Vitamins?
Highest Absorption
(Better than pills, capsules, gummies, liquids, patches + injections.)
No Binders + Fillers.
Gluten Free. Dairy Free. Sugar Free
No Water or Pills to swallow.
Take Anytime.
Non GMO.
All Vegan or Vegetarian.
Why Spray Vitamins?
Asset 52transparent.png
Highest Absorption
(3x better than pills + capsules)
Asset 45transparent.png
Asset 46transparent.png
No water needed.
No pill swallowing.
Take Anywhere, Anytime.
Asset 50transparent.png

No artificial dyes, colors, binders or fillers.

Asset 49transparent.png
Asset 51transparent.png
Gluten, Sugar + Dairy Free.
Asset 47transparent.png
GMP Certified
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